Hey! Hope everyone is enjoying fall as much as I am – although here in NYC if you're standing in the sun, it still feels like Summer. I'm sure all New Yorkers know what I mean. Soon enough we'll be wearing boots, scarves, hats – is your Fall wardrobe ready yet?

Speaking of hats, DID YOU KNOW that not everyone feels comfortable wearing hats?? In fact, I used to be one of 'those people.  I'd feel totally self-conscious & think "does this hat look good on me?" or the other question, "is everyone going to be staring at me?" - anyone else felt that way??
However, these days I'm much more confident when I wear a hat - well, actually it depends on the hat.  I rounded up a few ready-for-Fall styles,  but my fave is the #5 Rag & Bone Dunaway Hat. Classy all the way.

How do you feel about hats? self-conscious? or completely confident?

- post by jen ramos


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