DIY: Rockstar Pumpkin

I posted this cute little Rockstar Pumpkin on my Instagram not long ago & it got a lot of great feedback! So I thought, why not turn this into a little DIY feature? It's so easy.

Pumpkin decorating is essential for Fall – it's a great accessory to keep around the house, whether at a desk or a dinner setting during the Holidays. The best part is, you can't do it wrong! You can decorate your pumpkin however YOU want! So, if you're inspired by my Rockstar Pumpkin, and want to give it a shot – I've prepared some easy-to-follow instructions:

  • Pumpkin – I used a 5" one, but the size is completely up to you!
  • White acrylic paint – I used Liquitex® Basics from Michael's
  • Foam Brush – you can find a similar brush that I used here
  • Golden Pyramid Brass Studs – I used these 3/8" studs, but sizes vary!
  • A sheet or old fabric you don't mind getting paint on!

  • Begin by simply painting your pumpkin in its entirety. I chose white because I like how the white and golden studs looked together, but you can choose whatever color speaks to you!

    The size of your brush should depend on the size of your pumpkin. The bigger the pumpkin, the bigger the brush should probably be to make the process easier. A smaller brush should be used around the bottom of the stem to avoid getting any paint on it. Careful – that area is tricky!

  • I'd suggest 3 coats of paint but wait a few hours in between in each. After the paint on your pumpkin has dried, it's time to apply the studs! I used the Medium 3/8" studs, but you can choose whichever size you'd like. If you want a more "flashy" pumpkin, you can go ahead with bigger studs!
  • Push in the studs wherever you'd like. I scattered mine around the circumference of the pumpkin – play around and see as you go to decide whether you want more or less. You can also arrange the studs to spell out a word or create a shape!

  • Ta da! You have your pumpkin!! Use it to add a touch of fun to your desk like I did, or display it on the table at your next dinner party. Enjoy.

Maybe next time I'll try adding a mohawk. Ha.

- images by jen ramos


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