Venus artery fistula

When the two parts of the body gahabara unusual in a way that made ​​him fistula. The body may be angei fistula, vascular artery (Artery) and vein (Vein) when the fistula is created when the ebhi fistula or fistula aratario Venus said. Ebhi fistula is a congenital disease, but sometimes the injury is likely to do so. The complex kidney disease dayalaisisa deliberate way to make this fistula was taken.

High blood to carry oxygen in the blood vessels in various parts of the body and the veins of the upper reaches of carbon dioxide in the blood collected from different parts of the body are hrdapinde. As a result, when the fistula is created and this can lead to damage of the heart's work bharasamyata is increased. So if ebhi fistula treated. Experts bhasakulara sarjanagana operation of the fistula can be closed.

The complex kidney disease or renal pheilura (Renal failure) if hemodayalaisisa (Hemodialysis) for the operation of the artificial hand and wrist in a patient ebhi fistula was created. Fistula making four to six weeks after it is mature, and it can be hemodayalaisisa. It had lost more dayalaisisa in the hands of the more uparera a fistula is created and the old fistula is closed. 


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