Serenity, good health and success of the scientific method and tested for Everyone

Science, technology and civilization is thought to have led to mind . I thought tanmaya dhyanabastha of the scientific truth has been discovered . Manosaktira the creative application of new technology has been invented . Poetry is immortal right now is silent , literature , music . Mahapurusera atmanimagna positive, the new world philosophy , religion , jibanabidhana .All the world's a big revolution was started in maunatara dhyanabasthaya mind . The fact that everything has been made ​​of the visible world .

Sage philosopher, poet, literary clerics darabesa scientists have successfully utilized the power of the mind dhyanabasthara , baraniya said . Civilization to continue . Mystery of talent here . I think we have the talent , it is not a miracle . This means that as soon as a flexible talent ' dhyanabastha ' ability to create , I imagine tanmaya invisibly absorbed in the moment right decision at the right time and the ability to take action .

Research scientists saw that differentiates itself from all the unnecessary dhyanabasthaya mind and brain power most of them are absorbed and can be used accurately .Electro enasephelographa ( iiji ) and brain imaging tests , they saw , as a result of regular meditation Brennan karmakathamote some permanent changes occur . Priphrantala cortex, amygdala , and left angry at the change in the trend of decreasing , increases attention and planning skills . With the creation of awareness of the sukhanubhuti bhinnamatra . Only it - is not it , through meditation and mamatamaya samamarmi became a man , which causes changes in the brain karmakathamoteo . Research by scientists of the evidence .

Dhyanabasthaya brene alpha wave frequency exist in the frequency of 8-13 cycles per second . Scientists see , this is the most well- saikelei brain works . The brain is the karmatatpara beta level . Brenaoyebha per second is the frequency of 14 - and 6- cycles . Brenaoyebha excited to have the gamma level . Brenaoyebha nap and sleeping during the 4-7 cycles respectively thita level and delta level 0.5-3 cycles .

At the moment , I could create a flexible dhyanabastha darabesa and rsira . Brenaoyebhake alpha / thitaya tandracchanna take the lead instead of being conscious . Uthato been sharpened consciousness . Brennan was visible in the phrikoyensitei their consciousness behind everything interactive nature background with pulse and rhythm . The process of spiritual development as well as he did , the man was cured , was out of danger , and the welfare of the success of the move .To use all the power of the mind sutraguloi sadhakadera East West Quantum mind control and the method has been applied to the heraphera .My ability to dhyanabasthara sadhakadera followed , with the last successful application of the success of the initiative for Everyone . 0 to 349 in the past year, the course is repeated 349 times, the success of which intermix the ultimately proven effectiveness .


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