Resistance Stroke Prevention

One stroke - the most dangerous bleeding in the brain caused 50 percent mortality rate. The first 48 hours are slowly bleeding, the bleeding stops.

People over the age of 60 in the second highest cause of death in stroke. And every six seconds somewhere in the world every chayajane not - that is one stroke. Nearly 60 million more people around the world die and the number of strokes, AIDS, malaria and TB is more than the combined number of deaths.

What is Stroke?
Strokake medical terms is called seribrobhasakulara ayakasidenta. The cerebral brain, the blood-vessel and ayakasidenta bhasakulara the accident. So the brain is individual stroke nalira accidents. We have an idea that the Stroke is a common disease hutpindera, in reality, that is not true at all. Jatilatajanita totally brain stroke blood-vessel disease.

10 Reasons stroke?
Hypertension and Hypertension random from all the major cause of stroke drug -
 smoking, carry chewing tobacco, tobacco or enjoying the rose.
 Additional tenasana or psychological pressures remain.
 huderaga, such as - heart attack, etriyala phibrilesana, bhalba replacement, congenital heart hole.
 uncontrolled diabetes.
 Family history of stroke, male and adult higher levels of risk.
 higher levels of blood fat, the fat is, the excess of soft drinks.
 Some barikeo of birth control are referred to as. When the stroke increases the risk of maternal complications ekalampasiya name.
 Some medications or diseases of the blood coagulation capacity may be reduced, for example - ayasapirina, klapidagrela such as bleeding in the brain may be using.
 drug sebanakarira rate of bleeding.
One stroke - the most dangerous bleeding in the brain caused 50 percent mortality rate. The first 48 hours are slowly bleeding, the bleeding stops.
In most cases the blood of one - can be dry within two months. Once the blood supply to the brain properly jayagajure patient may die early. In addition to blood-vessel stroke hutpinda or neck in the next one year from 5 to 15 percent of patients have a risk of stroke.
Low stroke patients within 4 hours was completely normal.

The pariksasamuha
In addition to the routine testing of all patients should be tested for the CT scan. CT scan shows when bleeding the blood supply to the city if you can not scan the room is black. If the affected area around the clogged idima black shows. About this idima more pressure around the brain. In the first six ghantake Hyper ekiuta iskemika stroke. CT scan of the patient at the time of some of the envelope containing the problem, and that is the re-scan. MRI (didabliuai) of the stroke and its cikitsapaddhati found a very good idea. Raktanalite you do not have a neck for a neck blood-vessel Doppler, Echo should be tested for heart problems. Thrombosis is more likely to take the test. Enajiograma needs to be checked. In addition, blood fat, blood glucose, a marker for stroke may be more likely to understand.
Generally, the lower the stroke Brennan byajala gyanliya and more places are called the thalamus, the brain can lead to stroke any place. Stroke brenastemera most dangerous, because the brain stamens Breath - Breathing, movement and jnanaraksara hutpindera center is located.

Stroke is a sudden?
 Tilt the patient is asked to lie down.
I do not have any food or drugs  The. Because they had more respiratory damage.
 But in the accumulation of saliva, vomiting should be nice and clean.
 Tight clothes were loose.
 hospital and patient care during the previous treatment with files
Take it.

I need immediate medical care?
The area of ​​the brain affected by the stroke, and the necessary oxygen and nutrients for cell survival is to supply the material. If more than two minutes off the blood supply snayukosa permanently destroyed. Shadow is a ring around the affected area, the treatment can be used to protect the Shadow balayake.

To reduce the risk of stroke is not only one of the five fingers of the hand reminded the audience -

Say Yes
 Regular exercise should be (at least 45 minutes hamtabena). Exercise and let off a few kilograms overweight.
 Keep the sunny environment
 Keep your anxiety away.
You may want to eat
 Vegetables
 little rice
 panasa, shrimp, crab, fish, excluding any
 baby chickens
 You can eat the white part of the egg.

Do not Tell
 smoking, carry chewing tobacco, tobacco or tell gulake.
You can not eat -
 fat (telayukta food) and sugar (confectionery) - please add khabarake dislike.
 fast food, nuts
 news, rasagollajatiya sweet.
 milk, ghee, Polar, biryani
 panasa, shrimp, crab
 cow meat or castrated
 coconut or coconut meal
 should not eat egg yolks, and tongue.


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