I believe that the disease is very easily understood English bahumutra diabetes (Diabetes) , but it is just bojhayana . Disease and two types of diabetes - diabetes melaitasa (Mellitus) and diabetes insipidasa (Insipidus). Although the two rogei may bahumutra blood sugar increases , but not if dayabetisa inasipidasa half . In the absence of hormones secreted in the brain or kidney problems could be .
However, as discussed in this chapter, all with kitna we will melaitasa diabetes .
But the two types of diabetes melaitasao - type one and type two. It is easy to understand that diabetes is a type of childhood or boyhood was one of the nearby 40- year-old began to type it . However, because the disease is somewhat different , and the difference in treatment of these diseases, but there are also many similarities .
When the blood sugar levels of diabetes everyone I know , even though it only glucose in the blood sugar (Glucose) of the disease is found at matrai . Almost all the cells of our body 's energy source is glucose . According to the diabetes , but our body cells become more healthy and strong , and then doing the opposite is not he?

We have it in our blood glucose that the body can use very low kosai directly , glukojake cells for the insertion of the name of a hormone insulin (Insulin) , which the pancreas (Pancrease) is prepared in a way . And this is when the pancreas can not produce enough insulin and glucose to enter dehakose can result in increased blood glucose levels . The kidney is obliged to pay the excess glucose out with urination , and frequent urination are some of the sugar . I do not understand why diabetes increases insulin when blood glucose was the absence of diabetes .
Glucose into cells, the cell 's energy supply : Could not trying , it 's very easy to diabetes patients feel tired and weak . Despite the frequent need to eat enough appetite , weight decreased , thirst or urination after it takes a lot of water . Sukate also delay wound , khosa - pacara , there are diseases such as boils , they were less likely to have the symptoms of diabetes symptoms ibhyadi .
Producing insulin the pancreas cells is very low, or if there is not one type of diabetes . As a result of this disease, one treatment , patients were given insulin as needed . Type two diabetes is when the pancreas than necessary to yield enough While they can produce some insulin . Type two diabetes treatment , but it 's slightly different .
Type one and type two are basically two reasons for the disease in the family , but for some reason the incidence of type two diabetes is more than a little . It does not have to be physically active (Sedentary lifestyle), the extra weight (Over weight) or obese (Obese) body , not smoking , hypertension , or high blood pressure , high blood fat , or cholesterol (Cholesterol) have , at the age of upara is wrong .
Diabetes is a disease that can not be fully aware of the rules and instructions of the running , it is possible to keep complete control . Diet control , regular physical activity or exercise parisama , enjoying and adequate knowledge of medicine and the discipline required to keep these four things samanmaya ceased diabetes can control the disease .
1 . Eating - diabetes specialist at the la carte food will be prepared . Simple words can not khaoya sugar or sweet foods , sugar foods have moderated , ghee - butter - fat - dalada foods to avoid interruption of the oil is to eat less . Asayukta food , vegetables - vegetables , fruits , etc. Talk with increasing amounts of the diabetic food list niyantruna will be easy . Eat small portions at a time, not too much food to eat in the bar of the list should be kept in mind that weight loss cintatao .
The . Hatai hatale the next move (swing) and the regular minimum is 45 minutes hatate . I know that together we will be working hard .
3 . Write a specialist in diabetes or insulin asudha routine use should be especially careful , otherwise just be the way .
4 . I want to keep it for akare jibanakathi srnkhalabodha diabetes patients . To learn more about the disease of diabetes around a lot , so the disease will know how to do it and he will be able to receive the electrical system .


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