Australian Football in Brazil

Australian referee after the last blast of the hampa phutabalarara bamcalena leave .
The intolerable and a half hours ' punishment ' was about them ! Rugby - go play football with cricket country , Brazil, is the punishment ?
You agree that you are not the coach holagara osiyeka . The football team went to Brazil to learn that , in Brazil , we came to get an idea of what this level of football . Now we understand . '
So it's - it is the best in Australia and then explain what football is to Brazil . Before the break , after three goals in 6 . Joe - neimarara you could dasekao of the Whole . No , but the idea of ​​osiyekera etuku education but not enough for his team , ' We have a team like Brazil against khelini . I will balatei , Brazil, the extraordinary quality of the players . We want to help , how do we analyze it , and how to improve their work lagaba . '
Garinca rebuild the stadium in Brasilia capacity of 70 thousand . Independence Day love match against Australia after it amply fulfilled the expectations . But it was not until the end of the anti-government protests in the streets of Brazil runs . The way to prevent the police from the back . In the end, the thousands of visitors at the El calliseka their money usula . 8 minutes Joe - 's goal was to start with , the end of the 83 minute Gustavo beat Lewis . Joe took the name of skorasite it again , with the neimara , ramiresa pato and Alejandro . Overall Samba - kyangarudera storm hijacked by the Independence Day celebration brajiliyanadera . Interestingly , Australia , Brazil, the world 's largest parajayatao the 6-0 goal . Kanaphedaresanasa Cup Final in 1997, the team had a pair hyatatrika romario and Ronaldo .

The win against a team ranked 46 in ryankinye too rambunctious not skalari phelipe Brazil coach Lewis . I received a lot from the match . The ending of the vase alabhesa kanaphedaresanasa Cup team , Fred , Oscar and was halkara not match . We reserve the bench skalarira how strong the evidence is getting the opportunity to have Mike , Joe , and barnardara ramiresa . It was not a goal with teammates neimara hot 'll have two goals - it was pratyasitai . If you get the opportunity to utilize Eid has proved it once again Joe . However, the Brazilian Eddine ramiresa and Bernard played great . The Chelsea star ramiresera parapharamyanse fascinated skalario , ' midaphildara the Defender of the introduction of the very easy and swift . As a versatile player , and so much better for me . He was a player in the game , helping the team to change the table . '
One alarm , urute injury after the break was the play of raksanabhagera marselo trust . I will not play in the match against Real Madrid Portugal bostane lephatabyakera . AFP


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