Share & Print Photos

What if I told you that you could print directly from your smartphone & get the pics delivered in the mail? Well..... you can, & here's how. I thought it would be cool to print some of the snapshots I post on my instagram page & give them to my husband & family members. Many of them are NOT instagram, so they can't always share these special moments with me.  But.... fast forward to a company called Printic.

Printic is based in lovely Paris - and they print all the pics you they deliver to the USA fast & free!!  The quality isn't bad at all and very affordable at only 99 cents each print. The prints are reminiscent of the old polaroids (those of us over 35) grew up looking at, remember those?!?!? Instant shots. Anyhow, they have a super cute app (which is free) where you can download to get all this going & best of all, it's super easy to use & super quick! Love this!

You can check out their site to learn more.

ta da!!!

-images by jen ramos


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