What is your favorite area in your home and why?             

Hi, My name is Jeaneen Kelly and I am an Interior Designer/Stylist & occasional freelance writer, from Sydney, Australia.  I've chosen to share with you photos of my lounge room as It is definitely my favorite room in my house. The reason I chose this room is because I feel that it encapsulates my personal style as a designer to a tee. I really love bright, bold interiors that have a definite sense of fun, creativity and youthfulness. I am incredibly inspired by fashion and feel that in many respects, this room is evidence of that.

I love quirky elements such as surfboards and chandeliers, and GRAFFITI pop art. Fashion items such as my favorite heels and prized Chanel "twinsies" bags, along with fashion title books are all on display in vignettes around the room. I like to come home and be inspired by a mixture of fun pieces, quite honestly-it just makes me happy!

I am VERY much influenced by the surf/skate culture in Sydney, and love bold interiors with a touch of rock & roll that are fearless with color and accessories. My favorite piece in the room would have to be my French antique lounge found in a thrift store for FIFTY dollars, which I painted and reupholstered myself in a hot pink fabric.

In essence this space is an accumulation of my interests and passions as a young designer inspired by music, street-culture, art and fashion. I hope you enjoy the photos!

-images by jeaneen


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