Gallery Wall

Welcome back everyone! Hope you're weekend went well.

As for me, I've been putting together a gallery wall in my office for quite sometime now. I managed to sell the art that was here & now I'm adding some of my own.  This blank wall that stand over my desk area needs some art - & fast.  I put together these pieces below but still have a few more to add soon...stay tuned!

Most of the art below is my own- which you can purchase at MADE BY GIRL or Cocoa & Hearts - minus the Kate Moss print, which was a gift!

The lighting is the Meurice floor lamp by Jonathan Adler

This is one of the newest print at MADE BY GIRL - just added today! It's in french "NON & OUI indecis" - English translation is "No & Yes - Undecided" - this print also has a real gold paint swatch across the front.  I like to think it's a mix of MADE BY GIRL & Cocoa & Hearts!  You can buy yours here.

Frames can also be purchased via my shop - this one is the brushed gold frame. 

-images by jen ramos


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